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Posting some art!

9/3/13 by DreamEclipseWolf

I'm in the mood to post some art!
Some of it is art that's already been posted to DA, but now re-posting it here!
and also, any people interested in commissions, please check out my DA page for more info. Thanks! :D


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nice work man ^^

9/4/13 DreamEclipseWolf responds:

Thanks! :D

fair enough I respect u and ur choices as an artist and as a fellow artist in highly esteemed newgrounds establishment of the art portal I welcome you and your art to this place

9/3/13 DreamEclipseWolf responds:

oh ok thanks. :)
sorry if I offended you in any way.
we have different tastes in art and I will respect yours.

then can I commission a stupid fucking furry picture. can you draw ash fucking pikachu

9/3/13 DreamEclipseWolf responds:

wow you got mad quickly!
pissed off that I didn't make your fantasies of you cutting yourself come true?
sorry but I'm not in to drawing excessive amounts of blood in my art.

can I commission a picture of me hanging myself and cutting my throat open w/ a bread knife thx

9/3/13 DreamEclipseWolf responds:

umm no thanks...