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DreamEclipseWolf's News

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - March 6th, 2017

I just put a BIG update on my Patreon. If you are a patreon of mine, It is important that you read. Please Cancel your pledges, I will no longer be giving out rewards, also you cannot pledge anymore.

Anyways on to some cool new news! I have a ko-fi page!


I feel this is better since It's your choice and there's no force paywall bullshit. 

NSFW commission can just be commissioned on my widget on DA now. 
Sales will happen at random for everyone. I will notify when that happens. 
Hope you guys understand. :)

I also have a couple coffee buttons on my DA page. They shouldn't be too hard to find 

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - January 9th, 2017


I updated my Patreon so now I'm not asking for absurd amount of money lol.

For ONLY 2 DOLLARS you get access to all this!

- access to sketches/WIPs
- EARLY access to nsfw stuff (posted here and Furaffinity a month later) 
- 1 supporter a month will receive a fully colored drawing (Cannot get multiple characters or nsfw)
- 10% off commissions! 
- Can Commission Pr0n X3

I feel like this is the best way of doing it. So if you like my content and want to support me, go check it out! I already have some exclusive stuff on there plus more on the way! :D

Anyways have a good day! :)


Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - December 19th, 2016

Wow! this is the first time this happen to me!

Thank you guys for all the support. :D

4776696_148219217723_Screenshot28.pnghttp://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/dreameclipsewolf/ms-mowz-2 --- click here to see the artwork. :)

The one that made it there was my Ms. Mowz :3 



Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - October 4th, 2016


Added deals for commissions along with the free drawings every month, week etc

the deals range from 3-25% off depending what tier you pledge. :3

Anyways have a good day. :D

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - September 21st, 2016

between 1-15 dollars. 
like getting drawings from me? Well patreon is the way to do it! :D

$1 - one sketch drawing every month
$3 - one sketch drawing every 2 weeks
$5 - one fully colored drawing every month
$7 - one fully colored drawing every 2 weeks (NSFW available)
$15 - one fully colored drawing every week! (NSFW available)(limit of 3 patreons)

Gotta make a cover photo still..

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - July 5th, 2016

thanks a bunch guys reallly apreciate it! :D

now lets see if i can get myself back into the portal :)






(might need to improve still..)


Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - January 19th, 2016

finally replaced my old broken one.

man it was annoying not being able to post when i wanted to. 

welp I'll be posting more frequently now!

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - January 2nd, 2016

I've been unscouted again with no warning! so it must of been someone who scouted me. 

Why does it do this? please someone explain this because i don't understand how it could happen twice within a few months.


Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - November 20th, 2015

expect some art soon!

Posted by DreamEclipseWolf - November 6th, 2015

starting sunday, i will have no internet for a while.

hopefully it comes back on soon so i can post some stuff